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Arm the Harbor!!

In McLean County it is estimated that we have more than 175 people that are considered homeless on any given day for many different reasons. It is certainly possible that you may know someone (maybe a friend, ex-neighbor or past co-worker) that is experiencing homelessness. Because our community is known to be caring and compassionate,… · Read More

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Blono Cash Mob!?!?

It sounds so exciting! But what is it really? BloNo (Bloomington Normal) Cash Mob is the equivalent of a cash mob organized to bring buyers and support to a locally independently owned business! Created and organized by Vikki Baptiste of RelyLocal  Bloomington-Normal. A Cash Mob is like the new wave of a “flash mob.” I… · Read More

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Ditch the Debt!

One of the most important things we do here at Mid-Illini Credit Union (MICU) is to offer free financial education to our members –  and to our community. We visit lots of places and talk to lots of people about their financial concerns. From the financial literacy presentations that we deliver at the high schools… · Read More

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Teen Credit Cards: Teaching Tool or Pointless Plastic?

The school year’s just begun and you can almost see your teenager changing right before your eyes. There are new friends, new teachers, new activities and sometimes it seems like you don’t even know her anymore. With all the other changes, you begin to wonder if your teen can handle more responsibility. And if so,… · Read More

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Budgeting for Time AND Money

It’s been said that “Time is Money,” and in truth, researchers have spent a lot of valuable time trying to empirically prove that time is, in fact, money. How many times have you heard these sayings? We need to buy some more time for this assignment. I can’t afford to spend any more time on… · Read More

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Go Back to School (without going broke!)

Have you heard? It’s back to school time again! Of course, that means different things to different people: excitement and anticipation if you’re headed to kindergarten, bored apathy if you’re a teenager or all new experiences and responsibilities if you’re headed off to college. But for all the parents who are sending the kids back… · Read More

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Costa Rica Winners!

Several weeks ago, we hosted a special guest blogger, Jose Rojas, from Natural Expeditions, the Costa Rica Tour Experts. Jose wrote a post for us to help promote our 2012 Membership Drive because we were giving away a TRIP TO COSTA RICA to anyone who joined MICU and opened a qualified account between May 1… · Read More

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Do I Spend Like the Average American?

Over the months we have provided a lot of information on how to save money. Well as I was reviewing my budget, I began to wonder how I measured up to the average American citizen when it comes to spending. With this curiosity just tempting me, I decided to search for data in this area… · Read More

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What’s The Buzz? It’s Uptown Normal

There are plenty things to do in Bloomington/Normal these days but by far, the greatest buzz has to be about all the Uptown Normal development. For the past few years we have all witnessed the transformation of the downtown next to the Illinois State University Campus to the ISU next to Uptown! The area has… · Read More

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The Heat is On – Cost Saving Ways to be Cool!

  As they say, “the heat is on”……but does it really have to be as hot as it actually is? Well, it is summer after all so what do we expect? I mean, just because we have experienced a number of days with temperatures in the triple digits, doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable… · Read More

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