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Julie Workman has been working at Mid-Illini Credit Union since 2009, first as the Marketing Manager and now as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. A 1987 graduate of Illinois State, Julie was an Advertising Account Executive at The Pantagraph for 16 years and then worked for a national advertising agency over in Peoria before joining the team at MICU. Julie has been married to her husband, Ward, since 1995, and they reside in Normal. Their two youngest children are still in school in Unit 5, and their oldest son lives in El Paso, Illinois with a family of his own. Julie says her favorite part of working at MICU is going out to different community events and meeting MICU members face-to-face.

Couples and Money: Truth or Friction?

We  first published this story last year, for a special bridal feature that one of our company partners was sponsoring. We got great feedback on the story, so we’re offering it up again – seems timely, since we just had such a good time at the WBNQ Bridal Show!   Couples and Money: Truth or… · Read More

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Credit Unions – It’s a Movement!

Did you know… …That 2012 is the International Year of the Cooperative? …That the third week in October is International Credit Union Week? …The third Thursday in October is International Credit Union Day?   International Credit Union Day was celebrated this year on October 18 –  by more than 196 million members (!) at over… · Read More

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Ditch the Debt!

One of the most important things we do here at Mid-Illini Credit Union (MICU) is to offer free financial education to our members –  and to our community. We visit lots of places and talk to lots of people about their financial concerns. From the financial literacy presentations that we deliver at the high schools… · Read More

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Teen Credit Cards: Teaching Tool or Pointless Plastic?

The school year’s just begun and you can almost see your teenager changing right before your eyes. There are new friends, new teachers, new activities and sometimes it seems like you don’t even know her anymore. With all the other changes, you begin to wonder if your teen can handle more responsibility. And if so,… · Read More

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Budgeting for Time AND Money

It’s been said that “Time is Money,” and in truth, researchers have spent a lot of valuable time trying to empirically prove that time is, in fact, money. How many times have you heard these sayings? We need to buy some more time for this assignment. I can’t afford to spend any more time on… · Read More

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Go Back to School (without going broke!)

Have you heard? It’s back to school time again! Of course, that means different things to different people: excitement and anticipation if you’re headed to kindergarten, bored apathy if you’re a teenager or all new experiences and responsibilities if you’re headed off to college. But for all the parents who are sending the kids back… · Read More

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Costa Rica Winners!

Several weeks ago, we hosted a special guest blogger, Jose Rojas, from Natural Expeditions, the Costa Rica Tour Experts. Jose wrote a post for us to help promote our 2012 Membership Drive because we were giving away a TRIP TO COSTA RICA to anyone who joined MICU and opened a qualified account between May 1… · Read More

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Play Ball! You might learn something.

While it’s not too difficult to quantify the expenses incurred while raising our kids (currently estimated at as much as $250,000 to raise a kid from birth to 18 in the US – not including college), it’s much harder – nigh on impossible – to quantify the time, effort and emotional investment. Never is this… · Read More

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Fiduciary Duty: Teach Your Children Well. Then Take Them Swimming.

Summer’s here! It’s my favorite time of the year – for right now, anyway. I’m a real “live-in-the-moment” kind of person. When it’s summer, I love the sunshine and the swimming pool. When it’s fall, I love the harvest colors and raking leaves (really!). In the springtime, when everything looks fresh and new – well,… · Read More

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Buy Local. Help Everybody.

Cooperative – noun – an organization that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits. Cooperatives are owned and democratically controlled by members (not by investors), return surplus revenue to members, and are motivated by service to their members, not by profit. This spirit of cooperation, embodied in the… · Read More

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