Welcome to our new branch, Mid-Illini Credit Union (MICU) at Mount Pisgah!!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that our new branch is open on the west side of Bloomington at the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church! MICU at Mount Pisgah, 801 W. Market Street, is a full service facility open to the entire public.

You ask why did we locate it inside of a church? Well the answer is that our missions match. Mount Pisgah and MICU are both striving to serve the entire community with the objective to create a positive change in people’s lives. People need to feel better and naturally want to do better but may need help whether they ask for it or not.

In our previous post, Serving the Needs of People – Not Just Words, we talked about how it would be nice if something could actually be done to help the entire community.

Well no more words – we are taking action! Different than the typical service you can get from just about every banking center, what MICU is creating is a more pleasant experience in relating to the public and it is based on the understanding that we will treat others the way we would like to be treated. That means that everyone that comes into our facility will receive the utmost of care from everyone. From our greeting to our smile, from our conversations to our counseling, from our gifts of giving to the products and services we can provide, MICU will transcend and strive to be joyfully different than any other banking experience anywhere else in town!

MICU is launching new products and services to address old common problems faced by families caught up in unfortunate circumstances. The industry calls this the “underbanked”, “unbanked” or “underserved” market. Well not in our house! We will call them members and will provide the products, service and leadership that will allow them to pull themselves up with fairness and dignity! Our new services will:

  • Provide accounts (not respectfully available before) that will allow people to cash their pay checks
  • Provide small loans (payday loan alternative) at a respectful interest rate to help people in an emergency situation
  • Teach and counsel people how to better manage what they have and grow the finances to a level that supports them.

All of this is different, but at Mid-Illini Credit Union we live by our motto “Where Different | Is Better”.

So, please feel welcome to come on by and see us at our main office and at our new branch! MICU at Mount Pisgah is open from 10:00am – 6:00pm; M-F and 8:00am – 1:00pm on Saturday!

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