The Big Storm

Have you ever been in the middle of a crisis and found yourself in a state of survival mode? Or in a place where you were without money and even worse, discovered that the money you have, regardless of how much or how little, is of no use?

Without a doubt the big storm “Sandy” delivered a damaging punch to the Caribbean and on into the United States east coast. Millions of people were, and many still are, without power, water, shelter and fuel. Thousands have been displaced due to the complete destruction of their homes and tragically, the storm claimed over a hundred lives.

In spite of the damaging punch of Sandy, it did not knock us out. Due to the humanity efforts of people helping people, society is sticking together, working hard and fighting back!

Regardless of politics, ideology, gender and race, we as a society of Americans work together when a crisis attacks our shores. Here are some ways that we do it:

  • Everyone working together
  • Neighbor helping a neighbor
  • People taking in families, friends and yes, strangers
  • Sharing supplies
  • Assisting children and the elderly
  • Checking on one another throughout the day and especially through the dark and cold nights
  • Helping others to gather their belongings, file insurance claims and wait out rations
  • Sharing food, money, clothing and even our own personal labor
  • Providing a shoulder to lean on and of course sharing a prayer for healing, strength and comfort

Businesses and individuals give and make ways for man to survive, rebuild and live on. From the government to the homeless; from Wall Street to Main Street; from the healthy to the sick and shut in, we all ban together and create our own Big Storm! As the east coast now prepares for a current Nor’easter, Athena, traveling up the coast, the community will have to ban together again to fight back and claim victory.

We need each other more than ever. A community cannot exist without the efforts of others from afar. When it comes to the community, Mid-Illini Credit Union works along with you to support, grow and build. More importantly, there are millions of other businesses and individuals that do the same! In reality, we as the people are The Big Storm.



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