Blono Cash Mob!?!?

It sounds so exciting! But what is it really?

BloNo (Bloomington Normal) Cash Mob is the equivalent of a cash mob organized to bring buyers and support to a locally independently owned business! Created and organized by Vikki Baptiste of RelyLocal  Bloomington-Normal. A Cash Mob is like the new wave of a “flash mob.”

I am sure you have seen this on the news, where people are shopping in a mall or walking through a train station and all of a sudden everyone (total strangers!) starts dancing choreographically to music that just blasted from nowhere! As an innocent bystander, your first thought would have to be “what in the world is going on?” and your second thought, “how come I was not included?!”

Cash Mob rounds up supporters made of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and other businesses to show up at a designated business on a designated day at a designated time and spend money. The gathering takes place on the 10th and the 20th of each month. Everyone is encouraged to spend at least the date of when they are mobbing. For example, on the 10th you are to spend at least $10 and on the 20th you are to spend at least $20.

Unlike other mobsters that we know about, this mobbing has a positive effect on the business being mobbed and on the community at large. Just imagine the situation when all of a sudden, an abnormally high volume of people are walking through the doors spending $10 or $20 each! There was no advertising expense or special promotion going on that would cost the owner so everything that comes in above the usual traffic is profit. This is a game changer and could be the difference between a local small business having a losing week, month, quarter or worse versus establishing a profit leading to possible business expansion.

Not only is it great for the particular business, it is absolutely great for our community because the owners, besides paying taxes from revenue, turn around and spend or invest in their local community as well. We all benefit by way of helping our economy grow and stay strong! We all win by receiving benefits from supporting our very own.

So if you like where you live, then let’s all try to support our small mom and pop type businesses that are locally home grown. Whether it’s an organized cash mob or just plain ‘ole everyday support, we can strengthen our community by investing right here in McLean County!

Have you ever experienced a Cash Mob? How do you contribute locally? Let me hear from you!


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