The Heat is On – Cost Saving Ways to be Cool!


As they say, “the heat is on”……but does it really have to be as hot as it actually is? Well, it is summer after all so what do we expect? I mean, just because we have experienced a number of days with temperatures in the triple digits, doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable in your own home. Well OK, so you say pump up the A/C – BUT do you really want to pay the price that running the air conditioner full throttle will bring you?

Whether you have A/C or not, there are many things you can do to stay cool in your home that will help to not break the bank.  With some simple
Below are some quick and easy things that you can do today without purchasing anything or upgrading any home improvement to achieve thi adjustments, you may be able to control the heat that cooks you in your home. The goal here is to keep you cooler and keep money in your pocket. Below are some quick and easy things that you can do today without purchasing anything or upgrading any home improvement to achieve this goal:

  • Close your curtains and window blinds to keep the sun light out of your home. If you have window blinds, you want to make sure that they are turned facing upward to keep the rays from the sun from shining down in between the blinds into your home.
  • During the day, make sure that the doors and windows are closed on the side that has the direct sunlight. This will keep the rays and hot air from warming up your home. At night, you can open the doors and windows to allow the hot air to escape the home and the cooler air to enter. For best results, open doors and windows that are on opposite ends of the house to create a draft through the home. In some cases this is better than the use of a fan and free.
  • If a fan is needed (ceiling or portable), make sure that they are running in a manner to direct the hot air up to the ceiling and out of the house.  When done properly, this will create a draft allowing any cool air to circulate. If you have an attic fan or “whole house fan”, then fantastic. Be sure to run this periodically to draw the hot air out.
  • Turn off as many heat sources as humanly possible for your comfort level. The greatest heat source is the stove and oven. Decrease it’s usage by cooking more outdoors, using the microwave more, cooking meals that are quick and avoid cooking meals that put off a lot of steam. Besides the stove and oven, there are other things you can cut off or at least limit your use such as the lights and the extended running of hot water. In addition, the television and computers provide a lot of heat as well. Try watching your favorite shows theatre style (dimmed lights or none at all). My suggestion is to bath, wash clothes and cook after the sun goes down.
  • And last but not least, an old school way to cool off in your kingdom (warning: you may not be ready for this) is to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to catch a cool breeze. It may sound antiquated but when you are looking for relief from the heat, this is so cool!

There is certainly a hand full of home improvements that you could invest in to improve the temperature efficiency of you home, but if you implement any of the above ideals you will probably feel a lot better about decreasing your house temperature while not spending a dime to do it. Stay cool for other changes coming your way!

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