Managing the Vacation Situation: The Getaway

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The topic for our April blog series is Summer Vacations. Last week, we talked about different vacation options and focused on variations of the Staycation.

Today, you’re invited to welcome guest blogger, Jose Rojas – owner of Natural Expeditions, the Costa Rica Tour Experts, and a company partner for us here at Mid-Illini Credit Union.

Jose is a travel industry pro, having run tours in his native Costa Rica for twenty years before emigrating right here to Bloomington, Illinois and opening up Natural Expeditions in 2007. His love for Costa Rica and insider’s knowledge offer the groups who travel with Natural Expeditions an exclusive look at this unique country and its culture. Take it away, Jose!

Traveling is one of America’s favorite leisure time activities, but when and where to go to, and who to book the trip with seem to be the difficult sides of this topic.

Considering these facts, before the trip even begins there are lots of things to consider about the destination and the pathway or organization selected to arrange your holiday so you can achieve the best of your vacation.

As we all know, times have changed regarding the way we plan our holidays. Used to be, there were travel agents sitting behind a desk waiting for clients to come. This is not as common anymore, and usually when you find a travel agent, they sell all sorts of products without having specific knowledge about what their clients will really be getting once they are on vacation.

The era of the Internet changed the concept of arranging a trip, offering consumers a million options, which can make the whole exercise of planning a vacation feel completely overwhelming.

But shouldn’t your vacation – even the planning of it – be stress free?

Is it ok to buy a trip online?

Isn’t it risky to put such an important investment in a stranger’s hands?

Many questions may come when it’s time to book your trip, and in order to minimize confusion and avoid risking your investment, it’s best to go with a local expert.

In today’s new world, we’re all looking for new and better ways to get where we’re going. The partnership that Mid-Illini Credit Union (MICU) and Natural Expeditions have created offers one innovative way to get a great deal on your vacation.

Natural Expeditions is offering Costa Rica as a unique destination. Costa Rica is not only another place to visit but a country with the necessary ingredients to please all kind of travelers with different interests.

Costa Rica offers beach, jungle, rusticity and luxury, all in one place. Honeymooners will be pleased, and so will hikers, as well as fishermen or surfers. This is truly a destination for all ages and interests. One of the most important elements of this destination is its people. The friendly Costa Rican natives are by far one of the best hosts in the Latin American region.

Costa Rica has never been closer to the our community and it gets even better when the possibility comes straight from the wholesaler (Natural Expeditions) to the consumer (our tour groups). This is definitely a way to save some dollars, especially in a rough economy like the one we are all experiencing.

Traveling to Costa Rica with Natural Expeditions is fun and affordable, but if you’re thinking about financing your trip, take advantage of our partnership with MICU. They can help just about everyone with all kinds of financing options for all kinds of things. In any case, when you travel with Natural Expeditions, you save money just about every time, as there’s no middleman taking a cut. There’s just us, helping you, directly.

Want to go to Costa Rica – on us? Watch this space for news about MICU’s next membership drive, starting May 1. YOU could win a trip to Costa Rica!


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