Are the holidays driving you crazy?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on for some great ideas on how to keep your perspective and enjoy the holidays this year:

Don't let this happen to you!

There are lots of ways to stay involved and avoid overspending, over scheduling and all the associated stress this holiday season.

  1. Keep your focus on the real reason for the season. No matter what you believe in, the holidays are a time of celebration and spiritual refreshment. The new year will bring a chance for new beginnings, but use this season as a reminder and a chance to reorder your priorities and make the most of each day.
  2. Pace yourself. You don’t want to arrive at the holiday event too exhausted from the preparations to actually enjoy it. It’s helpful to set limits for yourself: shop for an hour, rest for an hour, then do something else. It’s ok to limit yourself to only attending the most important events or the ones you enjoy the most.
  3. Don’t be alone unless you want to be.  Even if your family and friends are far away, you can still spend the day with others. Check the community calendar and find a way to help others – maybe you can offer to serve meals to the homeless or make deliveries to needy families.
  4. Set a budget you can live with, and stick to it. It’s really fun to buy presents for the children and grandchildren, but it’s easy to get carried away. Be realistic about what you can afford to spend.
  5. Take good care of yourself. Remember to eat right, get enough sleep, exercise and drink plenty of water. Making yourself sick by ignoring your own needs won’t make the holiday more enjoyable for you or your family.
  6. Relax! The holiday season is really about spending quality time with the ones you love and care about. True friends and loved ones don’t want to see you stressed out, exhausted or broke. They just want to see you.

Happy holidays!

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